(The form outside of can also be used as a preposition. This form is more usual in American English.)
1) N-COUNT: usu the N, oft N of n The outside of something is the part which surrounds or encloses the rest of it.

...the outside of the building...

Cook over a fairly high heat until the outsides are browned.

Outside is also an adjective.

...high up on the outside wall.

2) ADV: be ADV, ADV after v, n ADV, ADV with cl If you are outside, you are not inside a building but are quite close to it.

`Was the car inside the garage?' - `No, it was still outside.'...

I stepped outside and pulled up my collar against the cold mist...

Outside, the light was fading rapidly...

The shouting outside grew louder.

Outside is also a preposition.

The victim was outside a shop when he was attacked.

Outside is also an adjective.

...the outside temperature. ...an outside toilet.

3) PREP If you are outside a room, you are not in it but are in the passage or area next to it.

She'd sent him outside the classroom...

He stood in the narrow hallway just outside the door.

ADV: ADV after v, n ADV
Outside is also an adverb.

They heard voices coming from outside in the corridor... She heard the dog on the landing outside.

4) ADJ: ADJ n When you talk about the outside world, you are referring to things that happen or exist in places other than your own home or community.

...a side of Morris's character she hid carefully from the outside world...

It's important to have outside interests.

ADV: ADV after v
Outside is also an adverb.

The scheme was good for the prisoners because it brought them outside into the community.

5) PREP: n/-ed PREP n People or things outside a country, town, or region are not in it.

...an old castle outside Budapest...

The number of warships stationed outside European waters roughly doubled.

...theatres both in and outside London.

N-SING: the N
Outside is also a noun.

Peace cannot be imposed from the outside by the United States or anyone else.

6) ADJ: ADJ n On a wide road, the outside lanes are the ones which are closest to its centre.

It was travelling in the outside lane at 78mph.

N-SING: the N
Outside is also a noun.

...coming up on the outside.

7) ADJ: ADJ n Outside people or organizations are not part of a particular organization or group.

The company now makes much greater use of outside consultants.

...church services given on Sundays by outside chaplains.

Outside is also a preposition.

He is hoping to recruit a chairman from outside the company.

8) PREP Outside a particular institution or field of activity means in other fields of activity or in general life.

The condition is practically unknown outside psychiatry clinics.

...the largest merger ever to take place outside the oil industry.

9) PREP Something that is outside a particular range of things is not included within it.

She is a beautiful boat, but way, way outside my price range...

When Cathy sings about love, you feel that she's singing about something outside her experience.

10) PREP Something that happens outside a particular period of time happens at a different time from the one mentioned.

They are open outside normal daily banking hours.

...nor does it help if your job involves working outside normal office hours.

in, within
11) PHR-PREP: PREP n/-ing Outside of is used to introduce the only thing or person that prevents your main statement from being completely true.

Every single relationship I've had with a man, outside of my husband, has ended in disaster.

apart from
12) PHRASE: PHR with cl, amount PHR You use at the outside to say that you think that a particular amount is the largest possible in a particular situation, or that a particular time is the latest possible time for something to happen.

Give yourself forty minutes at the outside.

English dictionary. 2008.

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